Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some updates, and how to define a Vision Extent

First off, I'd like to share some updates with you all, as we've been very busy lately! will officially launch on January 28th, just under a week from now. Over the past few months, we have continued to elicit feedback from small group sessions, and have incorporated a lot of the feedback we've received into the site. I'll go over these features throughout the coming week. In the mean time, enjoy the eye candy and read more below about defining a vision extent. allows you to model the effects that different ecosystems, climates, and lifestyles have on the environmental performance of an area of your choosing. This area, or "vision extent," can be as large as all of Manhattan island, or as small as a single block. The block is an ideal unit of measurement in present-day Manhattan, and offers an interesting context for users to compare the present built environment with the ecological past.

A user can define their vision extent two ways: The first is by using the Vision Extent Selector tool to highlight and identify blocks to use in their visions. 

A user's current vision extent is outlined in orange. Blocks that can be added to a vision extent are highlighted in orange when a cursor passes over it.

The second way to define a vision extent is by copying and editing an existing vision. You can browse public visions using the carousel at the bottom of the page, or search for visions based on a set of criteria. Once you find one that you like, you can choose to copy and edit it. This method is helpful if you want to create a large vision- you can search for and start with neighborhoods, zip codes, school districts, and community districts along with individual blocks. 

Choosing an appropriate vision extent is important- it is the area over which you'll be modelling changes in ecosystems, climate, lifestyle consumption patterns, and overall environmental performance. Don't worry- you can add or subtract from your vision extent at any time using the Vision Extent Selector tool in the right tool palette.

Check back soon for more updates, and remember, the site goes live on January 28th!

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