Friday, May 24, 2013


I just want to thank all the folks who came out this last week to provide advice and feedback on the prototype!  Forty-two folks attended one of our workshops at the Central Park Zoo, including architects, artists, scientists, educators, activists, conservationists, technologists, and business people. Here are some of the messages we took home:
  • Undo/history functionality
  • Clarify vision-editting (which vision is being editted?)
  • Connect to economic costs and benefits
  • Build out other ecosystem services:  nitrogen, water quality, air quality, heat island effect
  • Ability to propose challenges and post visions/solutions to specific questions
  • Education activities, especially that take kids out into the world as well as looking at the computer
  • Huge STEM potential!
  • Ability to share visions via social media (e.g. facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Printable reports of visions including maps
  • Different user interfaces tailored to different audiences (e.g. students, scientists, urban planners, etc.)
  • Validation against actual measured data and other models
  • New/clearer name for the interface (let us know if you have any ideas!)
Please stay in touch.  Send any additional feedback to

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