Friday, January 24, 2014

Using the Paint to Vision Tool

When a user creates a new vision, they have the option to start with the landcover of Manhattan (2010), Mannahatta (1609), or another user's vision. Starting with a combination of ecosystems instead of a blank slate can save a lot of time, as well as offer inspiration for further changes to your vision.

But what if you want to copy portions of other visions after you start editing? What if you want to revert to the landcover that you started out with?

The Paint to Vision tool allows you to paint overlapping ecosystems from another vision into your own. You can choose to paint to Mannahatta, Manhattan, or another user's vision, as long as it overlaps with your own. This makes it easy to easily copy complex ecosystem combinations without painting with individual ecosystems. Changing the brush size makes painting to other landcovers even easier.

An example of a vision based on the Mannahatta (1609) landcover.

In this picture you can see the same vision, except the Paint to Vision tool has been used to substitute streams and ponds with the contemporary landcover.

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